ENM Taekwon-Do Personal Defensive Tactics Seminars
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“Becoming a Tougher Target”
Personal Defensive Tactics Seminars

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Eastern New Mexico Taekwon-Do offers seminars on personal defensive tactics. These seminars are offered to private business personnel, public employees, and the general public. These educational safety seminars include: lectures on environmental awareness and safety and physical training on defensive tactics. Master Blakeley and his team of black belts will instruct attendees on ways to avoid becoming a victim, ways to safeguard yourself and property, and if attacked how to deal with the attacker.

These educational seminars have been presented to local businesses, the public school system, and several state agencies.  These programs will give attendees a better understanding of how their day-to-day actions and habits may decrease or increase their chances of becoming a victim.

Danielle Kicking HuieHave you ever walked out of a store and forgotten where you parked? Master Blakeley refers to that as a case of distracted living. This may seem to be an insignificant lapse of memory. However, it could be a bigger problem than you realize. The time you spend in the parking lot finding your car could make you a target. You need to know, not only where you parked, but make a mental note of what the cars around you looked like, and was there anyone in them or in that vicinity of where you park.


What will you learn when attending this seminar?

  • How to become more aware of your surroundings
  • What are the chances of you becoming a victim
  • What do criminals look for in a victim
  • What does a criminal look like
  • Should you carry weapons, if so what weapons
  • How to play the “What If” game
  • What does eye contact have to do with your safety
  • What do I do if someone is following me
  • How can you travel more safely
  • How to do to fight back
  • What to do after an attack

To Get More Information for This Educational Seminar
Seminar Attendee Learning Defensive TacticsIf you are interested in booking Master Blakeley and/or his black belts for this seminar you can call or email him at (575) 706-9475 or steve.blakeley@enmu.edu

We will need some basic information when setting up a seminar. Please be ready to answer the following questions.

  • Estimated number that will attend?
  • What age are the attendees?
  • Do you have a location or do you want to use the Eastern New Mexico Taekwon-Do studio in Portales?
  • How much time has been allotted?
  • Do you want just the lecture or both the lecture and physical workout?
  • If possible explain any special defensive issue you would like addressed.

Seminar Attendees and Teachers