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Jan 2003

Mr. John Bridges is now the same rank as I am. It is exciting for me to have a student that has made the commitment Mr. Bridges has to my art, Chang Hung Taekwon-Do. Mr. Bridges has been a student of mine for 20 years and I hope that in the future I have several 20 year students.

Well the house is coming along nicely. Jane and I plan to be moved in by Christmas 2003. When this happens you will see some major changes in the studio. I plan to put in a pro-shop and office in the location Jane and I now call home. I hope to stock some new Taekwon-Do merchandise.

I am asking all the red and black belts, no matter what your age, to workout during the advance adult class times when possible. These classes are longer, more physical, and generally smaller then the junior and tot classes. If this is a scheduling problem for parents or students, let me know. Working out at these times will give us an opportunity to work through your ever increasing test requirements.

Remember those of you that are red stripe or above you have the opportunity to join the black belt club. This means you will sign a contract with me. The contract says you will make a commitment to Taekwon-Do to train hard to get your black belt. In return I will pay your YCTA dues and purchase your embroidered black belt to be displayed in the lobby of our studio. I am also considering a special patch to be worn on the uniform. If you are eligible, catch me before or after class so we can talk about your joining the club. Also, I want every student that obtains the rank of red stripe to help and attend a black belt testing before they test for their black belt. This will better prepare you for the transition from colored belt to black belt, it is a major jump.

I want to congratulate our new black belts. The testing was held on September 28, 2002 and by the time this newsletter is published all of them will have received their belts. Mr. John Bridges tested for V Dan, Mr. Manuel Lucero tested for III Dan, Mr. Andy Fair tested for II Dan, Ms. Nicole Frank tested for I Dan, Ms. Jordan Roehl tested for I Dan, and Mr. Daniel Brown tested for I Dan. Ms. Nicole Frank took “Best Test,” great job everyone!

It is hard for colored belt students to truly understand the commitment of time and “MONEY” it takes to make each progressive rank of black belt. These folks do deserve your respect and admiration.

I am sure by now all of you have noticed the pictures hanging on the front wall of the studio. These are the black belts of ENMTKD. They are placed in belt rank order to reflect the hierarchy of the school. As each of you test for I Dan, you will be added to this place of honor. The next time you get a chance take a good look at these individuals and try to estimate the amount of workout hours that have gone into Taekwon-Do training in our school. To give you an idea Mr. Blakeley has over 31 years of training in the art of Taekwon-Do. You figure he has worked out at least 5 or more hours per week since he started. That is 52 weeks per year times 5 hours each week = 260 hours times 31 years is 8,060 hours. That does not take into consideration, summer camps and weekend retreats almost every year for the past 20 years, with an average of 40 hours of training during a single week of summer camp. Add that additional training you now have an estimated 8,860 hours of training and that is just Mr. Blakeley’s time. Now, add up the training of the additional black belts of our school and see what total you calculate. This total is the experience every student of ENMTKD draws on when they walk through the doors of this studio. As your Taekwon-Do experience increases your value to the other students of the school increases. It is very important you pass along what you learn.

Have you noticed the certificate number on you colored belt certificates? For the past 15 years Mr. Blakeley has been tracking the students tested at each of the colored belt ranks. The number on your certificate indicates the number of persons that have tested at this level in our school. For example: if your 9th gup certificate number is ENMTKD-9-5110 you are the 5110th person to test for 9th gup in our school. As you are promoted in rank the numbers will decrease. This number reflects that fewer and fewer students have achieved this rank. The number of students that have tested to 1st Gup black stripe is 28 big difference from the over 5000 students that have tested for 9th gup.

OK parents it’s your turn. Come workout with your kids and see what Taekwon-Do is all about. On Thursday evening, February 20, 2003 don your sweats and come kick and punch. Kids, it is up to you to make sure your parents attend. This is an annual event and fun for the whole family. Parents you might even find you enjoy the time with your kids, or maybe not. At least you can say you have done Taekwon-Do.

Ms. Virginia Schmuck has been elected to take the position of Yom Chi Taekwon-Do Association New Mexico State Administrator. Ms. Schmuck will be taking over for Ms. Tamara Legendre (Rio Rancho) whose term expires this month. We look forward to the great things Ms. Schmuck will have in store for us in her two year term as Administrator. Ms. Schmuck has been busy trying to establish a full schedule of Taekwon-Do activities for the state.


Mr. Blakeley feels it is important to keep everyone abreast of the state of the Yom Chi Taekwon-Do Association. You pay for membership to this organization and have a right to know what is happening. Yearly updates will be posted in the ENMTKD Newsletter. Master Lang, Master Griffin, Mr. Arnold, Mr. Blakeley, and Mr. Treich created the organization after leaving the United States Taekwon-Do Federation. The YCTA is a non-profit organization which is under this scrutiny of the New Mexico State Corporation Commission. The organizational books and records are open to anyone requesting to see them. The organization has been in operation for five full years. It started with three states and has grown this year to ten states and Puerto Rico. New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah, Washington, Nevada, California, Oregan, Texas, and Missouri. Make sure you check out the YCTA Web site at www.yomchi.org.

The current national officers are; President, Mr. Douglas Arnold, Secretary, Mr. Steve A. Blakeley, Mr. Dan Kohler, Treasure. The Board of Trustees are; Master W.L. Lang, Mr. Douglas Arnold, Mr. Steve A. Blakeley, Mr. Gerard Treich, Mr. Michael Holloway, and Ms. Barbara Matus. New national officers will be elected this month for the next two year term. The new list of officers will be posted in our next newsletter. Make sure to check the YCTA Web site at yomchi.org.

Grandmaster Choi Hong Hi died June 16, 2002. He is and will always be remembered as the founder of Chang Hung Taekwon-Do. Grandmaster Choi was laid to rest in the city of Pyong Yang, North Korea. He was born in North Korea in 1918. His son Choi Jang Hwa, VIII Dan has been selected to head the (ITF) International Taekwon-Do Federation, Canada. The ITF was founded by Grandmaster Choi Hong Hi and will be directed by his son.

Master W.L. Lang’s promotion to VIII Dan is official. The promotion was posted on the International Taekwon-Do Federation Web site on October 7, 2002. Master W.L. Lang received his VIII Dan in ceremonies held during YCTA Nationals in Pasco, Washington. This included an exclusive dinner held Saturday evening. Master Lang received gifts from several states that attended. ENMTKD presented Master Lang with a gold VIII pin with 8 diamonds mounted in roman numeral lettering. He also received his VIII Dan ring from Master Floyd Griffin and the state of Oklahoma. Master Lang is only the third individual in the United States to receive this level of black belt. As you know, Master Lang has been Mr. Blakeley’s instructor for the past 15 years.

At the September 2002 YCTA Nationals, Mr. Blakeley was presented the Yom Chi Taekwon-Do Associations highest award. The “President’s Award” is in appreciation of the dedication to Taekwon-Do. The recipient is kept secret until the presentation. Mr. Blakeley was surprised at Nationals when he received the award. This award has only been giving to two other individuals since its creation. The “The President’s Award” plaque presented to Mr. Blakeley at nationals now hangs in the lobby of our school.

The YCTA New Mexico State Championships held September 14, 2002 could not have been better. Mr. Blakeley, host; Mr. Holloway, the tournament Director; and Mr. Vard McGuire from Utah, chief referee, did a wonderful job of keeping things rolling. We did develop a delay or two however, when you consider this was the largest tournament ever hosted by the Yom Chi Taekwon-Do Association, it went rather well. There where 148 competitors from four states and 11 schools represented this year. This was some of the best competition to be gathered in one place in New Mexico in years.

Mr. Blakeley wanted to thank all the parents and friends of Eastern New Mexico Taekwon-Do for their assistance in registration, bracketing, scoring and timing. A special thanks to Christy Carter. She worked at the bracketing table all day long and only took a minute or two off the film Brandon as he competed. It is parents like this that make our studio so strong.

Father and Son — What a pair!YCTA NATIONALS
Yom Chi Taekwon-Do Association National Championships was held on October 19, 2002 in Spokane, Washington. This years event was attended not only by YCTA members, but several other ITF affiliates from across the United States. Ms. Barbara Matus, the tournament host, made special arrangements for students to workout with Master Lang, Master Griffin and others the day before Nationals. Senior black belts from across the United States worked out with Master Lang and were treated to a great class in Taekwon-Do technique.

This was a very special event in that Master W.L. Lang received his promotion to VIII Dan during ceremonies during the middle of the day.

Eastern New Mexico Taekwon-Do had a special interest in this event. Mr. Blakeley was asked to be the “Tournament Director” and Mr. Bridges was ask to be the “Chief Referee.” ENMTKD also had several students make the long trip to compete this year. Mr. Mark Hardage, Ms. Audrea Brown, Mr. Joshua Bullard, and Keane Brown represented our school well. Mr. Blakeley was very proud of our schools competitors. We are sorry that at this time we do not have the metal results from Nationals. Make sure to visit with our school competitors to see how they did and what fun was had by all.

For the first time in Eastern New Mexico Taekwon-Do’s history we have father and son black belts, Mr. Huie Brown and his son Daniel Brown. (See photo above) Huie completed his I Dan test on September 2001 and Daniel completed his I Dan test in November of 2002. Make sure you congratulate both of them for this achievement.


The first five persons that can answer this question will receive a free set of pattern flash cards.

Who were the first black belts to represent New Mexico at the USTF Black Belt Nationals? A hint, only three of them were from ENMTKD.

EXTRA CREDIT, the first person that can answer this question will receive a free Pattern History book.

List the group that competed and what metals they won at Black Belt Nationals that year.

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