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August 2008 News


ENMTKD is back in session and fall of 2008 will be a very active semester. We have a referees course scheduled for September 19th, the YCTA New Mexico State Championships September 20th, a black belt test October 4th, the YCTA National Championships November 8th in Oklahoma, and the ENMTKD colored belt test December 6th. I hope everyone is ready to work out, we need to get ready for the YCTA New Mexico State Championships next month. Our class focus for the first few weeks will be on patterns, sparring, and breaking for competition. In late September we will need to catch up on test requirements. Make sure you study your test requirements from the YCTA Colored Belt handbook so you do not fall behind.

Colored belts if you were scheduled to test in May and were not allowed to, we will be trying to get you ready to test in early October. You do not have to get the sign-off sheets resigned. However, you will have to pass a review before you can test. So get your patterns, stances, kicks, self-defense and required knowledge ready to go.

I received a blast from the past this last week. His name is Jimmy Sena, I am sure some of you will remember him. He received his red belt several years ago. Then graduated from Eastern and moved away. It means a lot to me to have past students drop by and say hi. We talked for an hour or so about the good old days and what is now happening in our lives. He is currently between jobs and visiting his mother. He received an Emmy a few years ago for a news story he did on SUV rollovers.

He reads our newletter online and it reminded me of how important our newsletters can be. We have students from all over the World who read our newsletter online and by e-mail. If you have anything you feel we need to add to our newsletters let me know. I am always looking for ideas.
I also received an e-mail from Ben Ward who is now a Health and Fitness Coach at the Oregon Police Academy, teaching cops how to get and stay healthy. That sounds like the perfect job for him.

Another student from our past, Scott Fuqua, got in touch with me this summer. He is now in Santa Fe working for the New Mexico State Attorney General Office. You can see his picture on the Black Belt Wall of Honor. He is near the front of the line. I hope to have lunch with him sometime in the near future to catch up.

I hope most of you have read our school history. I truly feel it is important for us to remember our past, and this includes every student that has passed through our doors. We have currently
had over 6040 students start this program since I started teaching in 1972. To be honest with you I can not tell you all their names. However, I do remember most of their faces.


Plans are being made to start putting a drop ceiling in the studio in late September. This should make the workout floor easier to heat and cool. The ceilings will remain as high as possible
so that we have room for flying kicks. This project may take several weeks but should not affect any of our workouts. The project should be competed by our Christmas break.


ENMTKD Will be hosting the YCTA New Mexico State Championships on September 20, 2008. This is a great opportunity for everyone to come and compete without having to travel. As most of you know, you are required to compete in at least one tournament each year as a requirement to test. This competition can be patterns, sparring or both. It will be up to you to decide what you want to compete in. Even our new white belts can compete against other white belts. Registration forms are located by the door or you can ask for them at the front desk.


Lance Fletcher, one of our juniors, has been diagnosed with bone cancer in his leg. Most of you signed the card which was sent by Mr. Blakeley on August 25, 2008. They are currently at the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Please, keep the Fletcher family in your thoughts and prayers, and we will keep you updated as to his progress.


The YCTA National Championships will be held in Durant, Oklahoma on November 8, 2008. This event is only held every two years and ENMTKD has dominated the competition for the past six years. We want to do the same again this year. Mr. Blakeley would like to take a large group of competitors again this year. We will need to leave on Friday so start making arrangements to join us in Oklahoma. We will have registration forms and more information when the event date gets closer.


Mr. Blakeley will be collecting the YCTA membership dues the first week in September. Make sure your paperwork is filled out and compete. The cost for membership is $30 per year. The family
rate is $15 per person after the first member of the family pays the full $30 membership. So a family of three would pay $60 for all three members. Applications can be obtained at the front desk.


ENMTKD will be hosting the 2008 YCTA New Mexico State Black Belt test on October 4, 2008. Currently we have four testing. Mr. Joshua Bullard for 3rd Degree, Mr. Galley for 2nd Degree, Jason Victor and Joshua Tredway for 1st Degree. The test will begin at 9:00 AM on Saturday morning and is open to all. It is a good idea for student who will test in the next year or two to come and watch.


The first five persons that can answer this question will receive a gift certificate for $5.
Who traveled to Boston in 1992 with Mr. Blakeley to be the first New Mexico ITF black belts represented at the United State Black Belt Championships. Hint, one of them is still an active ENMTKD member the other is not.



YCTA New Mexico Referees Course
6:30 pm


YCTA New Mexico State Championships
Greyhound Arena
8:30 am

OCTOBER 2008  
ENMTKD Colored Belts should have half their sign off sheets completed by this point in time.
4 YCTA New Mexico Black Belt Testing Portales, New Mexico
Contact: Mr . Blakeley
8 YCTA National Championships
Durant, Oklahoma
Contact: Ms. Amy Wingfield
15 YCTA New Mexico Senior Black Belt Workout
Grandmaster Lang, 2:30 PM
APD, Albuquerque, NM
Contact: Mr . Gerard Treich
17-19 ENMTKD colored belt written test
27 Thanksgiving NO WORKOUT
ENMTKD Colored Belts must have their sign-off sheets completed by the end of this month.
6 ENMTKD Yellow Stripe - Red Stripe Testing
Greyhound Arena
8:30 am
9 ENMTKD Red Belt to Black Stripe Testing
6:30 pm
13 YCTA New Mexico Black Belt Workout
2:30 pm
(Invitation Only) Black Belt Party
ENMTKD Studio 7:30 pm

18 ENMTKD Classes to end for the year.
JANUARY 2009  
15 ENMTKD Spring Classes to start
Same schedule as last year


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