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Winter 2006 News

ITF Junior World Championships
Two of Eastern New Mexico Taekwon-Do's black belts are trying to qualify to go to the 2006 ITF Junior World Championships. This competition will be held in Geelong , Austrailia, September 13–17, 2006. The qualifier will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico on June 10–11, 2006. Black belts from all over the United States ages 13 to 18 years old will converge on Albuquerque to see if they can make the cut. To qualify for the World Championships a black belt must place in one of the top three places. This means to qualify the black belt must be one of the best three in the United States at there event. Just to qualify is quite an achievement.

Audra Brown and Joshua Bullard have committed to train for this event. This means they will be training at least two hours per day five days per week until the event is held. Along with this serious commitment to the additional training time, if they qualify they will have to start raising money to pay for the trip. This can take several weekends a month as well.

As you may remember Ms. Brown qualified in 2004 for the ITF World Championships and earned a bronze medal in power breaking. This year she not only is trying to qualify as in individual she is trying to make it as a member of the USA girls team. The team consists of six girls who will compete again teams from the other countries. Last year there were 72 countries represented at the World Competition. This competition includes the team events, and the individual events.

Huie chocking Steve for Personal Safety ClassPersonal Safety Classes
Personal Safety Class member receives instructionMr. Blakeley and several of the red and black belts have been asked to teach personal safety and defense classes to the public. There have been several rape and assaults reported in the community over the past three months which has stirred an interest in this type of training.

In November, Mr. Blakeley, Mr. Chacon and Mr. Huie Brown taught three classes to Eastern New Mexico University students and staff. In December, Mr. Blakeley and Ms. Frank taught classes for the Portales High School , Portales Public Library, and the Altrusa Women's Club.

Mr. Blakeley instructs the classThis year looks to continue the trend. In January, Mr. Blakeley, Mr. Chacon, Mr. Huie Brown, Ms. Frank, Mr. Daniel Brown, Mr. Williams, Ms. Houston, Mr. Prince, Christy Carter, and Marv Lutnesky presented the program to the Portales National Bank. The bank employees were so impressed they have invited the group back to teach the employees who could not attend the first training seminar.

Mentor's Program
This program will be open to only members of the "Future Black Belt Club." These students will be mentored by a black belt of Eastern New Mexico Taekwon-Do. The mentor agrees to workout for at least one hour each month with this student. This may or may not happen during the two month vacation of summer. When available the mentor can decide to do additional workouts if time is available.

An active black belt of Eastern New Mexico Taekwon-Do who agrees to mentor, will select the person from the "Future Black Belt Club" to mentor for one semester. If the black belt mentor becomes inactive, an active black belt mentor will resume the responsibilities. If the student that is being mentored becomes inactive the student will be dropped from the "Future Black Belt Club" and will not be reactivated. If a student of the FBBC wants to become active again, they will be fined a $50 fee for breaking their contract with Mr. Blakeley.

Black Belt Mentors ListFBBC Members

Name Phone   Name Phone
Steve A. Blakeley 760-9416   Christy Carter 356-4678
James Chacon 760-0573   Mitch Kennedy 356-8073
Audra Brown 760-0457   Anastasia Lutnesky 985-0771
Nicole Frank 356-2610   Donita Hammond 359-1703
Huie Brown 359-2078   Marv Lutnesky 985-0771
Daniel Brown 359-2078   Scott Kennedy 356-8073
Heath Williams 714-3361   Teresa Varnell 760-1158
Mark Yoesting 799-5823   Michael Hatch 226-0216
Danielle Houston 309-5579   Arwin Oden 359-1703
Keane Brown 760-3361   Jerry Oden 359-1703
Kenny Prince 356-8443   Melvin McAfoos 760-1838
Brandon Carter 356-4678   Spencer Prince 356-8443

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